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National Bulb Recycling Corp. an Approved Universal Waste Recycling Handler. We collect universal waste from facilities and job sites and transport the waste for proper treatment. Universal waste, such as discarded fluorescent lamps, LED lamps batteries, ballasts, e-waste (mercury containing items) are recycled using the latest technologies.

We create a customized waste management program for you and document that your waste has been properly disposed/recycled in full compliance with all Federal and state laws.

a. We provide waste containers for various wastes (spent lamps, used ballasts, dead batteries and e-waste)

b. We come to the designated location to collect the discarded Universal Waste

c. We transport the universal waste to be processed and issue the Certification of Proper Recycling for each pick up along with a year end Tonnage Report.

For small generators of universal waste, or customers with universal waste outside our collection area, we provide an easy to use prepaid container system.


NBR's waste management services are an important part of the sustainability systems of major retailers, medical centers, corporate parks, industrial facilities, parking facilities, transit systems, counties, municipalities and school districts.


Contact National Bulb Recycling Corp (732-455-8380) for more information with reference to HOW we can support your efforts to properly dispose of all "spent" Universal Waste at your facility.



tele: 732-455-8380

fax: 732-455-8382

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