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Our Universal Waste Recycling Services

NBR is a fully certified universal waste management company that will collect, transport and recycle

  • Fluorescent lamps (all of which contain mercury, phosphorus and other toxics)

  • LED lamps (that contain arsenic, lead, nickel and gasses)

  • Ballasts (which can contain PCBs, heavy metals and other toxins)

  • Batteries (all of which contain heavy metals)

  • e-Waste (including monitors, computers, televisions, printers and data destruction.)


Customized to Fit You

Our recycling programs are customized to fit the needs of each customer.

  • On-Site Collection Services

    • NBR provides you with appropriate containers for the universal waste

    • Picks up the universal waste at the your facilities

      • On regularly scheduled pick-up dates or

      • Upon request (emergency pick-ups at no extra charge)

    • Cleans and prepares the area for restocking

    • Charges you only for the materials picked up without any transportation fees or surcharges

    • You receive a Certificate of Recycling and,  upon request, a yearly tonnage report

  • Prepaid Container Service

    • NBR provides you with appropriate containers for the universal waste

    • Each container includes a pre-paid return shipping label

    • You fill the container and call the common carrier

    • The carrier returns the waste to NBR for processing



Our lighting energy sustainability programs start with a complete audit of the customer’s energy usage, a retrofit of energy hog fixtures, recycling of the waste from the retrofit and a recycling maintenance program after completion of the retrofit.



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